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Chiropractic for Kids

My oldest princess, M.K. was born with a club foot.

After a 10 week stay in the N.I.C.U. for complications due to her prematurity in 2003, we took M.K. to Scottish Rite to have the foot corrected.  We did about 6 weeks of casting, correcting the foot a bit more with each new weekly cast.  I now suspect that fixing the foot only and not the entire leg has led to her alignment challenges.  Then, in May of 2009, she fell 10 feet onto a wood floor and hit her hip something awful.  I took her to our primary care doctor and our orthopedic.  Many x-rays were done, and it was determined that my girl was not damaged at all from this fall.

In February 2012, I took M.K. to the orthopedic specialist again because her very wise pediatrician could visually see that her hips and shoulders were out of alignment.  Well, this very respected, intelligent, pediatric orthopedic doctor told me that there was no cause for alarm.  One of her legs is longer than the other, he said, and many people have this same problem.  No treatment required.  Hmmmm……I’m sorry but that just did not sit right with me.  I took her to Baby G’s chiropractor (future post), Dr. Shelton, and after one adjustment, *surprise!!!* her alignment was dead on.  I could see that everything was squared up.  I cannot imagine the damage that would have occurred to her spine if I had listened to the orthopedic…. and accepted the fact that one leg was longer than the other.

You can see how having a hip out of place makes the spine lean to the side.  Do you suspect that, since her head desires to be up straight, that her spine would have begun to curve?  I do.  The orthopedic doctor was no help.  It took a chiropractic adjustment.


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