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PANDAS – delighting in the recovery

Oh, how I am delighting in the healing process….  This morning my little buddy climbed in between me and his daddy in bed.  At first sight of him, I was not thrilled with his arrival in our bedroom.  I have never enjoyed having him come to “snuggle” because he just won’t be still.  We beg him to hold his body still – to no avail….for years.  It’s a knee jerk into my back or an arm slap or some other physical annoyance when all I want to do is sleep at 6AM on a Saturday morning.  Well, this morning was special.  J held his body still.  He put his back against mine and lay in the bed for 30 minutes or more.   At first I thought I was mistaken about which child had joined us.  After confirming it was my J, I had to speak to him to be sure he was really awake.  Totally awake.  Wow.  I have read that PANDAS causes tics, but I didn’t really think we were dealing with that – my J is just hyperactive.  But, now I wonder if the non-stop movement is related to tics caused by PANDAS.  I laid there reflecting on the other changes I’ve seen this week.  On the way to school yesterday, he said to me, “mommy, can you teach me to read?” Up until this point it seemed he had no interest in such things.  Over the last two weeks, he has started to really enjoy his soccer ball.  The ball never held his attention for more than a minute or two in the past.  He doesn’t have a basketball, so he has started to dribble his soccer ball – he has asked me to count how many times he can dribble it.  This may sound like a totally normal boy to you, and that is really my point.  He has never been “normal,” and I am loving it!!  Praise God for this amazing progress!  4 weeks on On Guard Plus to fight the PANDAS – that’s all we have changed.



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3 weeks ago we heard from Dr. N that J has extremely high strep titers. He has PANDAS (pediatric auto-immune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with strep). This auto-immune disorder is responsible for all kinds of behavioral issues, from ADHD & tics to OCD & emotional lability and everything in between. Could it be that PANDAS has been contributing to my J’s struggles for years?? Could this be another major piece of his puzzle?  Well, Praise God, I am beside myself right now thinking back over the last few days. The very day that we got the PANDAS news, I started J on OnGuard Plus. I actually know 3 families that have dealt with this nightmare before me, and I know that antibiotics are typically prescribed for very extended periods of time. Well, we can’t do that with J. His gut is too inflamed. So, what do I have in my all-natural medicine cabinet for my little buddy – OnGuard Plus. It contains the doTERRA essential oils of On Guard, oregano, melissa, & black pepper. I’ve been giving it to him 3 times per day for the last 3 weeks. I noticed the change in J on Thursday afternoon. We were alone in the van on the way to see Dr. N. J talked the entire trip about ideas for his birthday party, about a hunting trip he’d like to go on with dad where he would hunt for bears not wild hogs, about his school day… Just talking – at a level I had never talked with him before. This new pattern has continued through the weekend. We saw him voluntarily walk away from the Wii & dig out a traffic puzzle game and work on it for 45 minutes. The focus he demonstrated floors me. He did all kinds of pretending with G today. So fun, like neurologically normal little people! Please Lord, may these positive changes continue…

J - 3 weeks on On Guard Plus

On Guard Plus is anti-viral & anti-bacterial with many additional side benefits – like the power of melissa on brain function.  We are just so thankful for our oils!!


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