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On Cloud 9…. Wow, I wanted to be very methodical about getting our family stories out in order on this blog, but I must jump in today and tell you about my amazing J.  What a wonderful morning we have had!  I took him to be evaluated for speech, since his wonderful Pre-K 4 teacher at PCA was concerned that he has difficulty communicating his needs and feelings.  Sometimes he withdraws at school.  Well, it’s NOT a speech problem!  J scored in the normal range for all areas of the testing: Total language, auditory comprehension, and verbal communication.  So, we will continue to investigate what his needs are.  My gut says it’s a sensory processing problem, and sometimes he just gets overwhelmed at school.  We’ll get an O.T. evaluation soon to see if we can help him work through this.

Other than the scores, what is completely remarkable and amazing about this morning is that the therapist told me J sat still for over an hour and worked very well with her.  Before today, this therapist was a complete stranger, and the old J would never have gone with her into the testing room and certainly would not have been able to focus for over an hour!  I know my boy is smart, and it feels so amazing to be validated in that.  The therapist told me that he was correctly answering questions for children 6-7 years old (He’s 4 1/3 years old now).  God is so good.   You have to remember, less than 2 years ago, he wasn’t speaking at all and couldn’t make eye contact.

Layers.  That’s what it’s been like with J.  Peeling back layers, one at a time…..

January 2011: we removed gluten and casein from his diet – 2 weeks later, he was able to stop his eyes and make eye contact for the first time in what seemed like forever.

March 2011: we added probiotics, and a high quality multi-vitamin to the kids’ regimen.  The language began to come very quickly for J.

Long break with pregnancy & birth of Baby G…

April 2012: started fish oil everyday & started using natural peanut butter –  2 weeks later, my boy expressed feelings to me for the first time.  I heard these statements: “Mommy, I feel so alone.” “Mommy, I love you.” “Mommy, I’m scared.” It was so surprising to hear things like this from a boy that I wondered if I would be able to go that deep with.  I got more hugs and more closeness.  Following the fish oil, he was able to play pretend for the first time.  It’s like he couldn’t access his imagination before starting the fish oil.  Prior to this, we had to get rid of a lot of toys because J would just throw them.  He did not know how to play with toys.

August 2012: started J on doTERRA essential oils for ADHD (Balance, Vetiver, and In-Tune), and he is able to sit still and participate in school.

October 2012: Took J for a vaccine (clay-packing) detox.  (more on this in a future post)

October 2012: Started chiropractic with Dr. Shelton.  J’s spine was a wreck and he was VERY tense.  She has been adjusting him regularly (3 times a week at first, and now we are just going 1 time per week).  I took this picture of my boy sitting at the table coloring after the second week of chiropractic treatment.  He has NEVER asked to color before, and he sat there for 20 minutes focused and being creative.  What a joy to witness!

J coloring

I just pray that you will understand that there is hope for every child.  Most doctors and most parents would have medicated the wild animal child I had just under 2 years ago.  Without drugs, we have seen a transformation that our close friends and family marvel at.  Praise God!

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Chiropractic for Kids

My oldest princess, M.K. was born with a club foot.

After a 10 week stay in the N.I.C.U. for complications due to her prematurity in 2003, we took M.K. to Scottish Rite to have the foot corrected.  We did about 6 weeks of casting, correcting the foot a bit more with each new weekly cast.  I now suspect that fixing the foot only and not the entire leg has led to her alignment challenges.  Then, in May of 2009, she fell 10 feet onto a wood floor and hit her hip something awful.  I took her to our primary care doctor and our orthopedic.  Many x-rays were done, and it was determined that my girl was not damaged at all from this fall.

In February 2012, I took M.K. to the orthopedic specialist again because her very wise pediatrician could visually see that her hips and shoulders were out of alignment.  Well, this very respected, intelligent, pediatric orthopedic doctor told me that there was no cause for alarm.  One of her legs is longer than the other, he said, and many people have this same problem.  No treatment required.  Hmmmm……I’m sorry but that just did not sit right with me.  I took her to Baby G’s chiropractor (future post), Dr. Shelton, and after one adjustment, *surprise!!!* her alignment was dead on.  I could see that everything was squared up.  I cannot imagine the damage that would have occurred to her spine if I had listened to the orthopedic…. and accepted the fact that one leg was longer than the other.

You can see how having a hip out of place makes the spine lean to the side.  Do you suspect that, since her head desires to be up straight, that her spine would have begun to curve?  I do.  The orthopedic doctor was no help.  It took a chiropractic adjustment.

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