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Neurofeedback Improves Baby G’s Breathing

After a nearly 3 year blogging hiatus to deal with the insanity of life, I simply must share!

It’s 4:30 AM.  I am blown away by this. Probably it will be hard for anyone to believe who did not witness it.  But, I had to get up to tell you about it.  If nothing else, have it documented for my own memory.

I plugged myself in for a neurofeedback session while typing this.  I might as well.  The machine is not being used right now, and I’m beginning to think it needs to be used every minute of the day.

Since Tuesday night, Baby G has been having a flare up of her asthma.  She missed school this week.  So, she has been home while I am getting myself familiar with my Neuroptimal system, which was delivered Wednesday afternoon.

Baby G, 5 now but still my baby, got her first brain training session on Wednesday afternoon.  She made numerous comments about it while hooked up.  “I love this!” “The music is sad.” (something about a boy losing his dog?) “I love the motions.” (art moves on the screen to the music)  “It’s working!”  After that comment, I said, “how do you know it’s working?”  Baby G replied, “Because I’m coughing less.”  Mind you, I never said anything about how this machine may help her.  She had seen G & J get neurofeedback and always wanted to try it.  And, I’m thinking, really? It’s helping your cough??? Can it really?  Well, it is training your brain… hmmmm…  Wednesday night was a horrible night for her.  She was trying to rest on the little couch in our room.  She was moaning and writhing all night long.  Asthma itch, is the only way to describe it.  Wriggling, scratching, and wheezing.  We did 2 breathing treatments with albuterol that night, and I had to rub her down with lavender and coconut oil 3-4 times to help her calm down and minimize the itching.

She woke up Thursday morning and asked for neurofeedback right away.  I put her off because I was too exhausted from the ordeal of a night we had just had to hook her up.  I gave her a session about noon (I gave her an albuterol treatment at 6 AM and then just prior to that).  The day went along fine.  I did not give her another treatment,  but there was still a little coughing.  I figured it would be time for a treatment before bed.

Around 6:30 PM, Baby G came downstairs crying over something her siblings had said or done to her.  She uses the phrase “being mean at me.”  I asked if there was anything I could do to help her, and she replied that she wanted her music.  “Sure,” I said, “you can bring your music down and listen on the couch.”  She said, “no, I want my neurofeedback music.”   I thought to myself, surely 2 sessions in a day can’t hurt.  I hooked her up and within about 10 minutes she was asleep.


I kept the program running as I had just learned that your brain does its best work when you are asleep!  I watched her rest.  Smooth even deep breathing.  Very calm.  Not a single cough.  Once the session completed, her daddy carried her from the neurofeedback system and put her on the little couch in our room.

Now I’m up writing this at 4:30AM because I woke up to check on her several times, and all night, no cough, no itching, no writhing, just smooth even quiet breathing.

Now, I never even considered the idea that neurofeedback could help with her asthma.  Never.  However, I have said in my life, many times, that I do not believe in coincidence.  I believe God gave us that rough night to show us the dramatic change.  Baby G’s pediatrician and her daddy can testify that her asthma is like a run-away-train.  Once it gets going, it takes an ER visit with IV steroids or at minimum oral steroid treatment to stop.  I was sure we were headed that way again.

A lot to think about.



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